The Experience

Achieving your dream dress is an enjoyable process with Macfarlane London with every stage being very personal.

There are several ways we can work with you. Appointments are available in London for face-to-face meetings with enough time allowed to discuss your ideas in an unhurried way. We understand that it is not always possible to meet in person so in this case we would do everything by telephone and/or email. We would send fabric samples and sketches before agreeing the style design.

We listen to your ideas, offer suggestions, show you wonderful fabrics to choose from and between us we will create something very special.

We ask for as much notice as possible before the event date, although it is sometimes possible to make something at short notice too so please ask. Once the details have been agreed the time would be booked in the workroom for you, but we would not ask for the child’s measurements until about 10-12 weeks before the event, so we are not surprised by any growth spurts! The measuring can either be done by us or we would send a very straightforward guide showing how to take them.

Fittings may be arranged if required, although we are very used to making outfits for children we never meet because they live abroad or are unable to get to London. We take enormous care to get the fit right from measurements and sometimes photographs of the children or calico toiles.

The dresses are sent beautifully packed in garment bags and clearly marked with each child’s name.